Wednesday, 16 September 2015

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Growing Up...

Now that I'm 21 *shudders* I realise that considering my age I should be a lot better at being a grown up by now. However, this isn't the case, and I still feel about 17 years old and have no idea what I'm doing. So here is a post- not particularly fashion related- on things we don't get told in school about growing up.

1. How to pay a bill. I can't put in to words the confusion of having to pay housing rent online, especially at uni where every single letting agent does it differently. The first time i had to pay my rent for halls in second year, I literally text about three friends asking how to do it, and then made a frantic call to mother after getting two final notices, which brings me to my next point:

2. Checking emails. I never thought emails would be anything other than an outlet for spam mail and discounts resulting in shopping sprees. But especially now I'm at uni, I end up checking emails far more than checking my Facebook feed.

3. There's no significant moment where you feel like a proper adult. At least, not for me so far anyway. I think everyone pretty much has no idea what they are doing, and tries not to think about it too much (as an over thinker, this just causes me stress).

4. Tax. W T F. Like, where did all my money go?!! Why, who, and again, WHY?!

5. How expensive food is. I didn't notice it at first, but going from eating out your parent's cupboard to having to do a food shop all by yourself is pretty shocking when it comes to the checkout. In particular, fruit and veg.

6. Sell-by dates. How much money have I wasted on food that doesn't get eaten because it goes out of date the next day? A lot, is the answer.

7. How expensive nights out are. I'm 21 but I still like a night out now and then, and I'm still a student. But- especially down in London- is shocks me how expensive drinks on a weekend are. £15 for a cocktail?! Howay man.

If you relate to any of this, I am not alone hahaha.

Love Elizabeth xx

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